Why Us.

We’re boaters, too

We started this business to create your excellent experience, from start to finish. We felt this was missing for mariners like us - like you. Here’s what we focused on…

Find stuff. Instantly. Simply.

We know it can be a pain-in-the-stern, traveling to and shopping at the store.
Lines, excuses and waiting - oh my... Check out how fast you can find parts on our site. Get results from our search tool before even hitting the  ‘enter’ key. Faster than Usain Bolt. Too many results? Select the filters to invoke your x-ray vision. We found and used the best search engine on this watery planet for you to shop right from your captain’s chair.

We’re here to serve you.

We get to have a lot of fun talking about boats all day, but our business exists to serve our customers and do it well.  In life and especially in boating, things may go awry, our commitment to you is to always make it right.  That's a promise.

Keep those boating plans for tomorrow

Of course it’s always best to prepare ahead of time.  But life get’s dizzy-busy, even more so just before it’s time to shove-off. For $35(ish) and orders before 10:30AM PST, get your order in-hand next day.

We don’t control the planes but we will absolutely order, gather, and package your parts for FedEx(or any carrier) to fly them right over. Not in such a hurry? Ay-matey, save your doubloons and get them via standard delivery (about 5 business days.)

Make it easy to return. Free, too.

Feeling‘meh’ about the parts you just got?
‘Aargh’, right?  Wrong.  Click here to contact us and request a refund to start your return process within 30 days of your purchase. We’ll send you a shipping label. On our nickel.

Get answers quickly- technical ones, too

With a part on your screen, not in your hands- you might very well have questions. We’ve got answers, bucko.  Type your questions online or click the blue chat icon in the lower right of your screen.  We’ll even fetch Bob from the boatyard if we have to, to answer your technical questions.  We’re here during business hours - though we’ll always get back to you pronto. Promise.